Innovation & Sustainable Growth

By the expert innovation facilitators and coaches at BMGI, download the intro to The Innovator’s Toolkit for a look at…

  • How people solve problems
  • What it means to have a balanced innovation portfolio
  • An overview of the D4 methodology for front-end innovation
    • Define the opportunity
    • Discover the ideas
    • Develop designs
    • Demonstrate feasibility
  • The importance of both divergent and convergent thinking.

664-innovators-toolkit-cover-bmgi.jpgAt 19 pages, this intro sets the stage for why systematic innovation is so important!

Data shows that using a systematic approach to innovation provides a higher success rate in the marketplace than random ideation alone.

The intro provides an overview of a methodology and innovation framework that you can apply to accelerate your innovation efforts.

"The Innovator's Toolkit provides much more value than its subtitle,
50+ techniques for predictable and sustainable organic growth, suggests.
It begins with a framework containing the major phases for innovation management
that include divergent and convergent thinking references to set the stage for cultural enlightenment."

– K. Fallon, Amazon Reviewer

Download the Intro!